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in Nihonbashi,in the center of Tokyo
200years in Nihonbashi,in the center of Tokyo

In the Edo period, at the foot of Nihonbashi bridge,
there was a certain sweets stand
which was gaining a favorable reputation
throughout Edo.
Pulling the stand was a young boy named Eitaro.
Eitaro Sohonpo began as Izutsuya, and this year
our 200th year in business. We have
continued to create a range of tastes of Tokyo,
including Kintsuba and Umeboshi Ame.
We keep our history,
which has grown together with
Tokyo, close to our hearts,
and the tastes remain
unchanged to this day.
Here, we introduce our special production method and
our journey over the past 200 years.

Our inherited
traditional production method
Our inherited traditional production method

How do we make Eitaro candy and Kintsuba sweets?
We use traditional techniques which have been
passed down since the time of our establishment.
Here, we introduce the techniques of our artisans
which do not
depend on added preservatives.
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200th anniversary
limited edition products
200th anniversary limited edition products

Eitaro's leading product is Eitaro Ame candy.
All types are sold together in convenient
pocket-sized tins,
which are easy to carry.
These include limited edition anniversary tins
which carry the following designs:
The Morning Scene at Nihonbashi Bridge, one
of the Fifty-three Stations of the Tokaido
ukiyo-e by Utagawa Hiroshige,
and a famous
image of Nihonbashi; and a scene of
Nihonbashi in the near future,
drawn by the
contemporary ukiyo-e artist NAGA. The 200th
anniversary design packages offer an insight
Eitaro's history, for you
to enjoy as you sample the traditional tastes.
The products are scheduled to go on
sale in
October, 2018. They are ideal special gifts and
souvenirs from Tokyo.

package package
  • Utagawa Hiroshige tin (Matcha candy)

    Utagawa Hiroshige tin
    (Matcha candy)

  • NAGA illustration tin (Vanilla milk candy)

    NAGA illustration tin
    (Vanilla milk candy)


<Contents> 11 types

Umeboshi Ame (1 usual tin/2 anniversary tins), Kuro Ame (brown sugar), Matcha Ame (green tea), Kocha Ame (black tea), Vanilla Milk Ame, Ocho Lemon, Amao (strawberry), Miyakojima Mango, Orin Ringo (apple), Unshu Mikan (orange)

*Choose from 11 tin types, 5 tin types or 3 tin types.

Continuing the
spirit of
tradition and innovation
Continuing the spirit of tradition and innovation

Since our establishment, we have continued to
protect the taste we developed in Nihonbashi.
Our products are not limited to candy and
Kintsuba. We have made diverse changes in
accordance with the eras.
We have developed
five diverse brand lines to suit our customers'
lifestyles. These include Eitaro Sohonpo,
which is
centered on department stores,
Ameya Eitaro, a new and beautiful form of
candy which resembles cosmetics,
PEASEN, a nostalgic snack from the Showa
period (1926-1989), Karadanieitaro,
a product line which is
gentle on the body,
and Nihonbashieitaro, which aims to bring
Japanese snacks into people's daily lives.
We want to be a presence in people's lives which
provides high-quality sweets. From now on, as
we have always done,
we will continue to bring
the much-loved taste of Eitaro to the
people of Tokyo.

  • Eitaro Sohonpo

    "Eitaro Sohonpo"
    The taste of Edo,
    established 200 years ago

  • Ameya Eitaro

    "Ameya Eitaro"
    Candy which sparkles
    like jewels

  • Nihonbashieitaro

    An assortment of
    Edo snacks


    Famous, nostalgic snacks-
    a classic from Tokyo

  • Karadanieitaro

    Low in sugar and easy
    on the body